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The greatest place to find everything you need to know about running a haunted attraction. 

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The Haunted Hows blog, Awesome information about the business of running a haunted attraction, links to our podcast that explains how we run the Hillbilly Haunted House, and links out to our YouTube site where you will find videos detailing prop construction, tips and tricks, and other things that might help you produce a great haunted attraction.

So bookmark this page for later, we expect to start posting content in May 2017!

Here is the latest project we did

Simple T-shirt transfer

Or you can watch the video!

How to create inexpensive t-shirts for your volunteers (or any reason for that matter)


  • How We Got Here. (5/1/2017) - First off, Thank you for stopping by, Second off, I'm not sure how all this web blog/podcast stuff works, so if something looks weird of wrong, I'm sorry. I'll fix it asap. Why we decided to start the Hillbilly Haunted House and Hunted Hows.   I've always enjoyed Halloween, and so has my girlfriend Debbie. I volunteered at a very large Haunted House in Seattle Wa, in my late 20s and early 30s and had a blast that was back in the '90s. When Debbie and I moved to the Spokane area I want to build a Hunted Attraction so … Continue reading



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