TNABI March 28th 2016

Turns out that reading a science textbook out loud into a microphone and posting it as a podcast is some kind of “copyright infringement”. Too bad, it sounded like a great idea. But never fear, I’ll figure out a work around of some kind.

Also in this episode: The government wants your user data, and thinks the big tech companies should let them have access to it! Ok not exactly but what if they did?


The Origins of Morality: Part One (Episode 9 of “The Educated”)

Nick, Lane, and Producer Dale ponder where our sense of morality comes from, does it come from our parents, our friends, or our entertainment?

Tales from the Educated: Volume 2 (Episode 7 of “The Educated”)

Nick and Lane recite to each other a few stories that are both serious and slightly raunchy in Volume 2 of “Tales from the Educated”.

Halloween Decorations!

Time to get ready for Halloween. Learn how to make some really cute decoration with Debbie, and watch for her new YouTube Channel “Woman Without A WorkShop” Where Debbie will make some fun and useful projects using nothing but basic tools. (coming soon)

Thanks for watching.


Unconditional Love: Fact or Fiction? (Episode 6 of “The Educated”)

Nick and Lane discuss the good and the bad behind relationships and marriage, while arguing about the existence of unconditional love.

TNABI Oct 12th

Wow, Nick and Lane get into it about wasting water and if droughts are something to really worry about. Oh and we talk about a tent. Thanks for listening.



An Ode to Beer (Episode 5 of “The Educated”)

Nick and Lane reflect upon their history with beer and have a conversation about how personal maturity can sometimes be correlated with the type of alcohol one prefers to drink.

In the coming week!

In the week of Oct 5th you can expect the next release of “The Educated” podcast (episode 5, An Ode to Beer), hosted by Nick.
Also I will be announcing a new video series I’m working on that will be available on YouTube at the TNABI channel.
Time permitting, I might even give a personal review of the new movie “The Martian” if I get a chance to see it this week.