TNABI June 6th 2016

Cable cutting! What are the kids doing these days without cable? Turns out they’re twitching!

Also, a Cat flap for the window.

Oh, BTW I’m out of episodes, so unless I get together with someone, there might not be another episode for a while.Enoy the summer!




TNABI May 9th 2016

OOPS! Thought I lost this file (and all the rest that I recorded last month) but I was able to recover them with a program called Recuva. I highly recommend it if you ever delete something you shouldn’t’ve.

Anyway, It’s a day late but who cares. In this episode we meet my two new people Tristan, and Nichole. A young couple with some interesting views.



p.s. Thank you Glen for suggesting Recuva ūüôā

TNABI April 25th 2016

Tipping? Why? How much? Lane has a point, A five dollar steak and a twenty dollar steak take the same amount effort to bring out to me, why do we tip a percentage of the cost of the stake?

And should you be able to take a quick drivers test to get out of a ticket?


TNABI March 28th 2016

Turns out that reading a science textbook out loud into a microphone and posting it as a podcast is some kind of “copyright infringement”. Too bad, it sounded like a great idea. But never fear, I’ll figure out a work around of some kind.

Also in this episode: The government wants your user data, and thinks the big tech companies should let them have access to it! Ok not exactly but what if they did?


We’er Back! TNABI March 14th 2016

We are back form our extended break. Did you miss us? Well here is the first episode of That’s Not A Bad Idea for season two, where we find out that 4 out of 4 podcasters hate daylight savings time.

We also discuss if you need to give your adult friends gifts, and wonder a bit about why americans celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

Oh, and you should check out (and like ((and follow))) our new Facebook page!


Season Finale of TNABI

Well it’s that time. This is the season finale of That’s Not A Bad Idea! We have had a wonderful season and enjoyed creating this entertaining podcast for all of you. We hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed talking (and yelling). We hope to see you next year. Our first episode will air on February 29th 2016! Yes it’s a leap year Woo Hoo!


OOPS! This is the next to the last episode this season, Enjoy!

Somehow we sneaked in an extra episode. The next release will be the season finale clip show spectacular! I know you can’t wait. But for now you’ll have to settle for this slightly less than spectacular (but still hilarious) episode of TNABI.