Beliefs and Religion: (Episode 13 of the “Educated”)

Nick and Lane take a moment to thank their listeners abroad, whilst discussing the issues surrounding belief and religion (in their own special way).

Producer’s note: Sorry this is so late -dale

Parenthood, Yay or Nay (Episode 12 of the Educated)

Nick and Lane ponder the questions surrounding the cultural need to have children. Why is having children expected? Why are some ostracized if they don’t have children?

Voting and Our Government (Episode 10 of the “Educated”)

Nick, Lane, and Producer Dale discuss the issues surrounding voting and our government, both locally and nationally. They give their opinions and throw out a few facts in this slightly staunch, yet very informative episode of The “Educated”.

The Origins of Morality: Part One (Episode 9 of “The Educated”)

Nick, Lane, and Producer Dale ponder where our sense of morality comes from, does it come from our parents, our friends, or our entertainment?

Tales from the Educated: Volume 2 (Episode 7 of “The Educated”)

Nick and Lane recite to each other a few stories that are both serious and slightly raunchy in Volume 2 of “Tales from the Educated”.

Unconditional Love: Fact or Fiction? (Episode 6 of “The Educated”)

Nick and Lane discuss the good and the bad behind relationships and marriage, while arguing about the existence of unconditional love.