TNABI March 28th 2016

Turns out that reading a science textbook out loud into a microphone and posting it as a podcast is some kind of “copyright infringement”. Too bad, it sounded like a great idea. But never fear, I’ll figure out a work around of some kind.

Also in this episode: The government wants your user data, and thinks the big tech companies should let them have access to it! Ok not exactly but what if they did?


We’er Back! TNABI March 14th 2016

We are back form our extended break. Did you miss us? Well here is the first episode of That’s Not A Bad Idea for season two, where we find out that 4 out of 4 podcasters hate daylight savings time.

We also discuss if you need to give your adult friends gifts, and wonder a bit about why americans celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

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