DIY Sanding Disk Video


Do to my inability to read a calendar, and my poor sense of the passage of time, I do not have an episode of That’s Not A Bad Idea to share with you this week.

I did however launch another DIY video on YouTube. You can check it out on the TNABI channel.



That’s Not A Bad Idea episode 7 part 2

Like the title indicates, this is the second half of episode 7.

Listen carefully, it’s about voting, the apocalypse insurance commune, and much more.

Premier Episode of The “Educated”

Your wait is over!! is proud to present the Premiere episode of the long awaited and highly anticipated podcast The “Educated”

Nick, Lane, and Producer Dale have a few laughs and get reflective on the question of why do we feel college is so important? Between Nick and Lane, they have over a decade’s worth of experience getting themselves “educated” and they’re here to share tips, insights, and stories (both serious and hilarious) about everything they’ve experienced, both in and out of the classroom.

Thanks for listening.

Educated White

Episode 7

This week on That’s Not a Bad Idea, Nick Gordon and I talk about some crowd funding projects that we like, This is the first time that we produced a podcast that was time sensitive, and well, we made a few mistakes. Okay, Nobody’s perfect, not even me.

The first project was brought up by Gordon, and like I said, nobody’s perfect. This awesome idea has already met it’s goal… in May… 2014… Maybe Gordon didn’t understand what we were doing. Good Job Gordon.
Anyway, it’s still a great idea. Take a look

Torch-bicycle helmet with integrated lights

Reboot the Suit.
I really like this idea not only for this particular project, which is awesome, but I hope that, with the success the Smithsonian had with this crowdfunding, they bring out more historical artifacts for permanent display in the same way.

We Make Collective DIY Material Kits
I’ve always wanted something like this to exist. I hope it gets funded.

HackerBoxes – The Subscription Box for Electronics Hobbyists
This time Gordon did a little better, Although this project is nearing it’s end date, so you’ll need to act fast. Read their kickstarter page and jump in with a donation. It’s a neat idea.

And last but not least, my personal favorite,

Big Game Cat Toys
I think this image really says it all.