New YouTube Channel

We just launched our YouTube channel with our first video. It might not be what you expect from listening to our podcast, but the video is getting more views than I expected. As of this posting it’s at 88 views in under 24 hours! To be honest I didn’t expect more than a dozen or so.

Anyway, you can find our channel at I beleive (let me know if that link is screwey in some way) and you can go directly to our first video release here

We also have a twitter account @tnabi_podcast if you are a tweeter or whatever they’re called.



July’s episode of “That’s Not A Bad Idea” Part Two

Sorry we only got to do Two episodes this month. One of us got married and the others were just too busy. But here you go.

Next month we will do better.

I opened a Twitter account, you can follow the podcast @tnabi_podcast

Also We now have a youtube channel! nothing there yet, but a video will be uploaded soon.

July’s episode of “That’s Not A Bad Idea” Part one

In this episode I have a chat with Wade Thames, Owner and operator of Elk Creek Recording! He gives me some pointers about sound quality and why simple podcasting equipment just doesn’t exist. You can find him and his record label on Facebook.

Enjoy the show.