Episode 2 Part 2


In part two, the Mudcluckers examine a successful crowd-funding campaign aimed at promoting the Seahawks, while they take on the diabolical issues surrounding body order and give you intimate details on how to tea bag, the right way!

New Site New look

Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to let you know that we have a new look on the site and will be uploading all of our current content over the next few days.

We are pretty new to this pod-casting and internet media world so we have had a bit of a slow start. Now that we have a pretty good grasp of what we want to do, it’s time to make it look and sound good.

The site looks awesome! Thanks to Glen our web guru.

We also have some new recording equipment. An Akai EIE Pro. Nice little box for mixing mics into the computer. I highly recommend it if you want to start your own podcast. I’d still like to see an app on my phone that would let me handle four or more inputs, (like I mentioned in the first show) but until someone makes that we’ll stick with the EIE.

Again, thanks for stopping by and thanks for listening.


The Beginning


Ladies and gentleman, and everyone in between, our premier episode of “That’s not a BAD idea”, is now live for your listening pleasure.

The genesis of this podcast series came from the realization that in our everyday lives we have a tendency to come up with ideas that are practical and sometimes even innovative, but being that we have our own careers, families, and responsibilities, we don’t have the time to pursue these ideas, and that is where this podcast and our listeners come in.  We want to put our ideas out into the ether for any wild-eyed entrepreneur to pursue or just build upon.  We don’t expect anything in return, other than an acknowledgement and perhaps even a thank you.

We welcome and encourage comments and especially constructive criticisms both good and bad.  We want this podcast and this website to be a collaborative effort between us and you.  To this end, we will be publishing a companion blog to be released after the premier of each episode which will detail the content presented in the latest episodes.

So, keep an eye out on iTunes and our website for upcoming episodes of “That’s not a BAD idea”, set to be released the first Monday of every month.  And keep an eye out for the release of new podcast series that are TBA.

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Thank you for visiting, listening, and commenting.

– Mudclucker.com